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New in town? Wanting to learn new places to run around the city? The Pittsburgh Running Tours membership program, newly launched in 2018, is a great way to get to know the ‘burgh. Membership includes all 5 standard tours and a special Pittsburgh Running Tours dry-wicking, long sleeve tech shirt.

Additional Membership Benefits include:

  • 25% discount off specialty tours
  • 10% discount code to share with your friends
  • Earn discounts for every social media post where you tag Pittsburgh Running Tours
  • Opportunity to register for new tours before general public

In addition, you regularly get to meet and run with new people! Register to become a member here.

Strip District 5k Tour
Runners pose in front of St. Stanislaus Kostka church in the Strip District

*Standard tours include neighborhood tours (South Side, North Shore, Strip District, Oakland, Downtown). Not included: beer runs, specialty tours.


Post-run spots in the South Side Slopes and Allentown

With our upcoming South Side Slopes 5k Tour, we wanted to highlight some options for a post-run/post-climbing meal. We already posted some of our favorite post-run food spots in the South Side Flats this past fall, so now we want to share with you some spots in the Slopes and Allentown. And remember to register today to reserve your spot on the tour!

Mural in Allentown
  1. Uubu 6

We run right past Uubu 6 on the South Side Slopes route. They’re located on Pius Street and because of their location, serve a lot of Slopes residents. They’re open sporadically, so check their Facebook page or call first.

  1. Black Forge Coffee

Black Forge Coffee is a great place to get your daily caffeine intake, as well as a community space. They opened in Allentown in 2015 and source everything locally, including the Zeke’s coffee they serve. No strangers to controversy (remember the punch cards they rolled out last year?), the shop is punk and metal-themed.

  1. Alla Famiglia

Alla Famiglia is a terrific dinner spot in Allentown. The Italian restaurant has a selection of wines, cocktails, and beers, but are also BYOB-friendly. They use locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as the finest quality meats and seafoods. Make sure to get a reservation, especially on the weekends, as Alla Famiglia is a busy spot!

  1. Onion Maiden

What started as a pop-up restaurant now has its home in Allentown. Much like its Allentown neighbor, Black Forge, Onion Maiden is a punk and metal-themed spot. They serve plant-based foods at reasonable prices and are certainly worth the trip to check out.

South Side 5k Feb with WESA (6)
Runners learning about one of the many South Side murals along Carson Street

Tips for runners starting out

Last week, we talked about RUNsolutions. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to start running in 2018? Have you heard how fun it can be and want to experience it for yourself? Check out our tips on how to begin.

  • Take it slow.

You don’t need to run a 5k on your first go – in fact, when Pittsburgh Running Tours’ owner, Trista Yerks, first started running, she made it 2 minutes before she had to stop and walk. Take your time, and don’t expect to be able to run a mile on the first go. Bravo if you can, though!

  • Join a group.

Our tours are great because you don’t have to run alone – you’ll meet a group of active, like-minded people. Plus, as an added bonus, you will learn more about Pittsburgh and its history (find our calendar of tours here). We have a membership program, so you can join multiple runs throughout the year.

  • Mix it up.

Our tours are great for this, too. We have many different routes, so you don’t have to run in the same place day in and day out. Explore new neighborhoods to run in! Keeping it fresh and interesting will help you not to get bored.

  • Have a goal.

Sign up for a race (or tour!) and work up to the distance you want to run. It’s helpful to have something in mind to keep your eyes on when things get tough. Maybe your goal is to run down the block and back without stopping or to join one of our running tours. Having something to work towards will keep you motivated, and once you accomplish that goal, you can set a new one!

  • Remember you’ll have good runs and bad runs, and neither define you.

You’ll have runs where you question why you’re doing this.  And then you’ll have a run where you feel amazing and wonder why you ever questioned yourself. Embrace both types of run and try to learn from the tough ones.

  • Get fitted for shoes.

Wearing properly fitted shoes is a must. We have a few awesome running stores around Pittsburgh that will help you out. Fleet Feet in the South Hills and Pro Bike + Run in Robinson, Monroeville, and Squirrel Hill all have staff trained to get you the proper fit.

Being a runner


Happy New Year from Pittsburgh Running Tours!

Now that we are officially days into 2018, let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions, or RUNsolutions. Did you make a resolution to get healthier this year? Or maybe to start running or run more? Maybe you’re wanting to run 2018 in 2018. Are you trying to focus on your mental health? Or maybe you just want to learn more about our awesome city.

Happy New Year
Runners on the North Shore 5k Tour

The new year is a great time to evaluate your goals for the year and put together a plan to make them happen, and running is a great option both for focusing on physical health, as well as your mental health. If you’re looking to start running or run more, check out our posts on making running funrun-commuting, and becoming a Pittsburgh Running Tours member. We have a lot of new tours coming in 2018, and we’d love to have you join us and accomplish your goals!

It may be bitter cold outside right now in Pittsburgh, but running will keep you warm.

Downtown 5k in February
Enjoying a winter running tour

Start off your New Year’s RUNsolution right with a running tour. Use code NEWYEAR through Friday, January 5 to get 20% off your next running tour!

Become a Pittsburgh Running Tours member

In just a week and a half, it will be 2018. Why not start the year off with some fun, exercise, and learning? Whether your resolution is to stay fit, learn more about Pittsburgh’s history, or have more fun, Pittsburgh Running Tours is a great option for you!

We’re excited about our brand new Pittsburgh Running Tours membership program. Membership includes all 5 standard tours and a special Pittsburgh Running Tours dry-wicking, long sleeve tech shirt.

Additional Membership Benefits include:

  • 25% discount off specialty tours
  • 10% discount code to share with your friends
  • Earn discounts for every social media post where you tag Pittsburgh Running Tours
  • Opportunity to register for new tours before general public

Register to become a member here.

*Standard tours include neighborhood tours (South Side, North Shore, Strip District, Oakland, Downtown). Not included: beer runs, specialty tours.

Our favorite post-run spots on the North Side (Mexican War Streets)

Our Mexican War Streets 5k Tour & Brews, North Shore 5k Tour, and North Side 5k Tour routes are all in different parts of the North Side, and there are a lot of different options for post-run grub and drinks, so we’ll be splitting up the options by tour.

Running into Randy at Randyland

Next time you run with us in the Mexican War Streets, check out some of our favorite post-run spots.

  1. Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing opened in the fall of 2016 and has quickly become one of our favorite breweries in Pittsburgh. In fact, our Mexican War Streets 5k Tour & Brews ends with a flight at ACB. Owners Amy, Matt, and Al are all originally from Pittsburgh, and after living in Colorado and falling in love with craft beer, they decided to return to the ‘burgh and open ACB. We’re happy they did, as their beer is phenomenal and the brewery has created a great community on the North Side.

ACB Logo

  1. Bier’s Pub (formerly Benjamin’s)

Bier’s Pub (up until just recently, Benjamin’s) is a North Side staple on Western Ave. They are the exclusive tap room for the new War Streets Brewery, have a good selection of draft beers, wines, and liquors, and also offer an impressive brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Not only are their inventive burgers delicious, they have a great weekday happy hour and daily specials. No matter what day of the week you visit Bier’s (except Monday, when they’re closed), you’re sure to find tasty and affordable options.

  1. Peppi’s

Peppi’s has been around for over 30 years, but since 2004, they’ve become widely known for their #7 Roethlis”burger” named after the Steelers’ quarterback. The subs here are made on fresh Mancini’s bread and pretty large, so bring your post-run appetite!

  1. Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Nicky’s North Side location is one of the best Thai restaurants in Pittsburgh (and there’s no shortage of amazing Thai restaurants in the ‘burgh). In fact, they’ve been named ‘best Thai’ by both Pittsburgh Magazine and City Paper multiple years in a row. In the warmer months, make sure to check out their outdoor patio space.

  1. El Burro

El Burro’s original location (Numero Uno) is on the North Side, on Federal. They’ve expanded to a second location in Regent Square, and for good reason. You’ll find hearty (and tasty!) options at both locations.

  1. Deli on North

The chalkboard sign outside of Deli on North advertises that they have the best chicken salad in Pittsburgh, and we have to agree. Not only that, but they make amazing cookies, soups, and sandwiches and wraps too. What started as a family run deli on Butler Street (Deli on Butler), now has a second location on the North Side for you to enjoy post-run. While it’s hard to go wrong here, we highly recommend trying the homemade chicken salad.

Next time you’re in the North Side, definitely check out one of these options.

Coming in 2018

Here at Pittsburgh Running Tours, we’re always thinking of fresh ways to tell Pittsburgh’s many stories, so we’re constantly developing new routes and tours. Check out some of the tours we have in store for 2018 below.

South Side 5k Tour & Brews

Come explore this lively and eclectic Pittsburgh neighborhood, from the waterfront trail to historic Carson Street.  Runners will get the chance to learn about the history of the South Side and its steel mills, as well as a few of the many murals along the way.  Afterwards, enjoy a half sandwich plus beer (or soda and side) at Carson Street Deli. Beer is limited to runners who are 21+.

Upcoming tour: Sunday, February 11 at 11:30am – register here.

South Side Slopes 5k Tour

Venture into the South Side Slopes and Allentown! Work your legs with some uphill running before working your arms with some climbing. We’ll start with some uphill (with plenty of breaks along the way), traverse some of the neighborhood’s city steps, find some old inclines, and end back at ASCEND, South Side’s climbing gym. There, you’ll have the option to climb for 50% off for the rest of the day.

Upcoming tour: Sunday, January 28 at 10am – register here.

Earth Day 5k Tour

Join us on Earth Day for a special look into Pittsburgh’s revitalization as a green city. From ‘hell with the lid off’ to hosting the Climate Reality Project in 2017, learn about Pittsburgh’s green buildings and local pioneers in environmental issues while enjoying a run through downtown.

Upcoming tour: Sunday, April 22 – registration coming soon!

Pittsburgh Running Tours membership program

We’re excited to announce our brand new membership program.
Join us on all 5 standard tours* – good for one year from the date you sign up
Receive a Pittsburgh Running Tours dry-wicking, long sleeve tech shirt.

Additional Membership Benefits include:

  • 25% discount off specialty tours
  • 10% discount code to share with your friends
  • Earn discounts for every social media post where you tag Pittsburgh Running Tours
  • Opportunity to register for new tours before general public

Register as a club member on our website.

*Standard tours include neighborhood tours (South Side, North Shore, Strip District, Oakland, Downtown). Not included: beer runs, specialty tours.

More tours in 2018

Look for registration and more information for these tours coming soon!
Public Art Run 5k Tour – learn more about Pittsburgh’s public art
Homestead 5k Tour – learn about Pittsburgh’s steel city past, including the Homestead Strike of 1892


Corporate Running Tours

Are you looking for a unique and exciting event for your company? Consider a customized running tour for you and your colleagues with Pittsburgh Running Tours!

Pittsburgh is a diverse city with a rich history, so why not share that while building corporate morale. Pittsburgh Running Tours is your go-to source to provide the very best event for your next team-building activity. Each program can be customized based on size and budget. Our programs are also set for specific locations to include the sites you want to see along the tour. Try something different that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues!

General Program Inclusions:

Length: 3 – 6 Miles
Duration: 1 – 2 Hours
Pace: Casual
Locations: Downtown, North Shore, South Side (Flats or Slopes), Strip District, North Side, Mexican War Streets, Oakland, Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Homestead (Waterfront), or your neighborhood!

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at (412) 256-8640 or email

Running through the holidays

With the holiday season upon us, most of us will be traveling and spending time with friends and family. Our regular schedules will be disrupted, and it can be difficult to prioritize running in the cold over staying in and cozying up with family and friends, eating delicious food, and relaxing. Below are a few tips on running through the holiday season.

Be prepared with your running shoes and plenty of layers, especially for those traveling to cold(er) climates. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. We recommend investing in nice neck gaiter, gloves, and hat for really cold climates.

Downtown 5k in February
Enjoying a winter running tour

Traveling for the holidays? Search out a running tour in the city you’re visiting. We’re a bit biased towards running tours, of course, but they’re a great way to get a quick workout in and learn a little bit more about the city. Plus, most running tours are approachable for all levels of runners, so they’re good for bringing along family and friends. Check out RunningTours.Net to find a comprehensive list of cities around the world with running tours.


No running tours in the city? Check for local running groups you can join if you’re unfamiliar with the area and/or don’t want to run alone.

Find a local race, like a turkey trot, to do in the morning, before festivities begin.

Invite your family/friends out to run with you. It gives you a chance to continue socializing, as well as introduce them to running (or walking).

Hopefully these tips will help you keep running throughout the holiday season, but it’s also good to be okay with running slightly less than normal. It’s perfectly acceptable to take a few extra non-running days or opt for shorter runs in order to enjoy time with loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from Pittsburgh Running Tours

Running + Beer = Awesome

Here at Pittsburgh Running Tours, we believe running and beer can go hand in hand. We’ll often make recommendations for the best places to grab a beer after a tour (or later in the day if you’re not a morning-beer type of runner). And we’re not the only ones loving beer with our running!


Run a race, and there’s a good chance you’ll see beer offered at the finish. More and more breweries are sponsoring races these days – or putting on their own!

In Austin, TX, there’s a 0.5K race in which the object is to carry two beers and spill as little as possible while you run around a figure eight shaped track (the Circle Brewing Co. 0.5K Micro Marathon).

In Denver, you can shop for your running shoes and enjoy a craft beer at the adjoining taproom at Shoes and Brews. You can even grab your new shoes and run their 800m challenge to determine the price of your beer in the taproom.

These are just two examples, but there are many other beer + running options out there. In fact, because we like the partnership of running and beer so much, we offer a 5k tour of the Mexican War Streets, followed by brews at Allegheny City Brewing. And we’ll be adding more options like this in the future. What are your favorite breweries in and around the ‘burgh?