Welcome to the Pittsburgh Running Tours blog! Here we’ll tell you all about our favorite spots around the ‘burgh, as well as give you tips on running (and not just how to run faster or longer, but how to make it more enjoyable).

We’re going to start off by answering a question we get a lot: What is a running tour?

The simple answer is that a running tour is exactly what it sounds like – a tour you participate in while running.

But it’s really more than that. Running tours are an active way to see a city, whether it’s a new-to-you city or the city where you grew up. The pace is usually kept casual, and there are multiple stops along the route where your guide will tell you about the history of the area and what you’re seeing. Cameras and extra stops for photos are highly encouraged, as is a good attitude and, of course, having fun!

To join a running tour of the ‘burgh, visit our calendar¬†or give us a call at (412) 256-8640. Hope to see you on a tour soon!

Strip District 5k Tour
Owner, Trista Yerks, leads participants on a 5k running tour

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